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NC Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair

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The NC Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair is off to a great start!

We are gathering resources and contacts who are thoroughly knowledgeable about the unique needs of gluten-free living.

Most of these resources will be located in the Triangle area, so that public attendees will have the ability to understand precisely what the Triangle has to offer gluten-intolerant individuals. All are welcome, as there is much to learn! Let’s bring everyone together!

Now for the fun stuff! We are currently seeking:


With varying levels of sponsorship, and online as well as event exposure.


Platinum sponsors receive front page placement on website, dedicated blog post of the business, social media postings, exclusive exposure at Friday night mixer, and key placement at the event.


Gold sponsors receive front page placement on the website, social media postings, and key placement at the event.


Silver sponsors receive front page placement on the website, social media postings, and placement at the event.

Customized sponsorship is available to assess your needs and budget.

***Social media will include mention of all sponsors during the event and recap***

Guest Speakers/Presenters

These individuals should have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. They would be certified, well-qualified in their field, and have current licensure if applicable.


Gluten-free food, health, beauty, and fitness vendors are welcome.

All regulations and requirements must be met, as they are professionally responsible for whatever is offered.


The event will be kept to a manageable size, however it won’t happen without some awesome volunteers who will work short shifts, and receive free admission for the day.

Friday Venue for the NC TGIF Cocktail Hour

Can your establishment mix great gluten-free cocktails and provide a limited menu of certified/naturally gluten-free small plates?

We’d love to work with you! We are hosting a limited ticket cocktail hour on Friday evening  the weekend of the fair!

Stay tuned as more information is made available.

For further details or interest, email hpatterson at or writeztuff97 at

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Happy and Healthy Living!