About NC TGIF – the NC Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair

NCTGIF is organized and sponsored by Deelish! Foods. We at Deelish! are highly interested in gluten-free eating and customizing for special dietary needs. As we have gone about our business, we’ve met wonderful folks who offer gluten-free foods, health information, medical advice, products and the like. We’d love you to get to know these great folks as we have!

Want to know more about our fun frolic at Ganyard Hill Farm?

We love farmers! As you know one of the best ways to eat gluten-free is to eat natural, fresh, and unprocessed foods. After a visit to Ganyard Hill Farm, we were energized, excited, and all abuzz with the fun learning in store! They are such welcoming people, and so informative. They host field trips and fun for all ages and backgrounds! Come see what all the talk is about! Get your ticket to the NC Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair for fall fun, recipes to make your season delicious, and warm memories!



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