Program and details for NC Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair

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Fun in the corn crib
Fun in the corn crib








Want to know what to expect?

We’re cooking up some wonderful treats of all types for our gluten-free community!

First off, please don’t wait to purchase tickets!

The lines are getting longer every day, and will-call, print-at-home, as well as mobile tickets are all available to speed up the process!

We also have a number of different kinds of tickets available.


Here is a break down:

Group pricing = special price for 6 or more adults or kids (Saturday Sampler-all access)

General admission = speakers+non-food vendors+ farm activities (This is the best option for more sensitive individuals with multi-allergies).

Saturday sampler = general admission+food sampling (all-access)

Sampler and speakers only = just that. (However if you change you mind on site, you’ll be required to pay the farmer directly for access to the farm activities.)

NC FACES prices and ticket options are for the NC FACES volunteer support group members or multiple (more than 3) allergen persons.

Children under 2 get in free. Children 2-12 are at a reduced price.

VetTix has been available for families of veterans to enjoy the festivities free!

Admissions will be located at the Non-Food Vendor and Speaker Tent.

Everyone comes to General Admissions first.

This is also where Will-Call, Print-At-Home, and Mobile tickets will be checked in.


A copy of the program may be downloaded here:nctgif event program*

Food vendor samplers will be open 2:30-5:00 pm.

Those wanting to follow the guided tour can note the demo times enclosed on the program for food presenters.

More about our Speakers:

o    1:15 PM      Debbie Orol – The Meaning of Being Gluten-Free and Its Effects

o    1:30 PM     Julie Hutsell-Starling – Healing the Gut – a Common Missing Piece of the Puzzle

o    1:45 PM     Cameo Edwards – Journey of a Gluten-Free Business Owner and Cookbook Author



Deb Orol - Integrative Health Coach
Deb Orol – Integrative Health Coach

Debbie Orol RN, BSN, CHHC, has been practicing as a Registered nurse for over 25 years. Having observed the role nutrition and lifestyle play in the healing of many health challenges facing individuals, she decided to obtain her Health Coaching Certification. Her practice as a Holistic Health Coach has enabled her to approach healing in a more holistic way. Debbie works with individuals and groups to help them gain and understand how food and lifestyle, affect our  wellbeing and also teaches how to incorporate  natural practices such as the use of essential oils into our wellness routines.   Debbie received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


Julie Hutsell-Starling of Exponential Wellness LLC
Julie Hutsell-Starling of Exponential Wellness LLC
Julie Hutsell-Starling discovered she had food intolerance several years ago. At once crushed and determined, she has learned how to enjoy delicious foods while avoiding gluten and dairy. She works with clients to help them identify the foods that are creating inflammation in their bodies, and then to learn how to navigate the challenges that food intolerance brings to day-to-day living. Ultimately, she wants her clients to feel energized and clear-headed so that they can truly thrive in life and still enjoy delicious foods. Julie is a certified holistic health coach and licensed acupuncturist. Her business is Exponential Wellness, LLC.
Cameo Edwards of Crave San Francisco - Gluten Free Bakery

Cameo Edwards of Crave San Francisco – Gluten Free Bakery

In 2002, Cameo Edwards was living in San Francisco when she discovered she was gluten sensitive after two years of stomach pain and misleading diagnoses. Determined to eat the foods she loved, she began baking and selling her gluten-free, dairy-free desserts in 2003. Crave seemed like the perfect name for this bakery since her frustrations came from food Cravings in which she could no longer safely indulge. Cameo ran Crave Bakery for 10 years, making a line of high-end products for grocery stores throughout the Western US. In 2009, she also began making gluten-free, allergy-free wedding and party cakes for the Bay Area. The Crave Gluten-Free Cookbook, with over 60 gluten and dairy free recipes, was published in May 2013.
Crave Bakery 10th Anniversary Gluten-Free Cookbook
Crave Bakery 10th Anniversary Gluten-Free Cookbook


 Links for cookbook are as follows:
Print: Don’t forget to review the book on Amazon after purchase!
A limited number are available on site. If the supply is exhausted, there will be a special promo code for orders made on site. See the author’s table for details.


Take a look at donors and contributors:

*We reserve the right to make alterations at our sole discretion.

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