Crave Bakery Owner Cameo Edwards 10th Anniversary Cookbook

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Howdy Gluten-Free Friends!

The time is quickly approaching, and since we enjoy being neighbors, allow us to begin introductions to some of the lovely people involved in our fun fair!

Cameo Edwards has made quite a wonderful name for herself as the owner of the premier gluten-free bakery Crave, in San Francisco.

We are so excited about her speaking at the fair! Cameo is originally from North Carolina, and fortunately for us, moved back to enjoy the burgeoning food scene here.

Courtesy Cameo Edwards
Courtesy Cameo Edwards – Cameo in the kitchen

Think you’re alone?

Think again.

She’s going to share more about her journey, entrepreneurship as a gluten-free baker, offer some good advice and take a few questions.

In the meantime pick out your favorite cupcake from the bullet points below:



cupcake-cake-stars-icon24In 2002, Cameo Edwards was living in San Francisco when she discovered she was gluten sensitive after two years of stomach pain and misleading diagnoses.



cupcake-cake-vanilla-icon 24Determined to eat the foods she loved, she began baking and selling her gluten-free, dairy-free desserts in 2003. Crave seemed like the perfect name for this bakery since her frustrations came from food Cravings in which she could no longer safely indulge.



cupcake-cake-hearts-icon24Cameo ran Crave Bakery for 10 years, making a line of high-end products for grocery stores throughout the Western US. In 2009, she also began making gluten-free, allergy-free wedding and party cakes for the Bay Area.



cupcake-cake-cherry-icon24The Crave Gluten-Free Cookbook, with over 60 gluten and dairy free recipes, was published in May 2013.


Have an appetite yet?

Even more wonderful, she’s bringing books for purchase and will be signing after speaking! We are proud to announce that one very fortunate ticketholder will receive her book absolutely free! Purchase a ticket and be present for the giveaway at the fair! 

Crave Bakery Cookbook

Crave Bakery Cookbook

If  you would like to purchase books in advance, to keep lines moving freely, and further enjoy the presentation see the following links:


Here’s the link for ticket’s to the event!


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